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October 06 2014

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i thought it was gonna be pink but nope

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1 & 2: me and oscar looking cute

3 & 4: the amount of money various government agencies are demanding from me (likely to be their mistake in both cases so hopefully i won’t end up being responsible for the full sum but as you can probably understand it’s still very concerning at the moment) 

not pictured: accumulated cost of the rent i have to pay (£750 p/m) if i want to avoid us both being made homeless, bills, & general living expenses

i have no income at the moment and very little money to keep us going until i can find a job, and pretty much no support system outside of the internet; a bunch of you have already reblogged this post (more details in the link) and some of you have donated, which i’m really indescribably grateful for, but my situation is showing very little sign of improving at the moment so it would be really awesome if we could keep these posts circulating!!

the link to my paypal is here (also permanently linked in my sidebar) and my friend amal has offered to draw or write something for anyone who donates (if you can’t afford to donate - and believe me i know that feel - please reblog to spread this around!! thank you <3)

i started reading toky ghoul……


This is so cool put in your url or your friends and it gives an mbti personality type based on your blog.

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A million reasons but I need a million more…

October 05 2014

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i fought with a bus seat and clEARLY it won



I swear a lot of people would be less confused about their sexual orientation if they knew that romantic orientations were also a thing.


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Cats and Tumblr

Reposted bysunako sunako
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Our family’s been through a lot these past few months, but now that our beautiful baby girl is here, I know Rick will stand up and make our marriage beautiful again. :-) I just know our daughter will grow up to be a strong fighter in the Skeleton War, just like her father.

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im learning to parallel park today im terrified


Imagine your OT3 avidly defending their polyamorous relationship against polyphobic idiots. Person A is calmly trying to explain how it works, while person B tries to keep person C from punching said idiots in the face.

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Through commissions, I was able to scrap some money together to fund my first of (hopefully) many trans related giveaways! This month is a binder to help anyone with dysphoria especially with their chest. (I know I do sometimes)

You are reblogging to win a chance at getting a binder from underworks in any color/size! It will be all paid for and covered for you. They have quality binders and I recommend them! 

My only restriction is that I am only able to ship to anyone in the US/CA


  • REBLOG this post. You may as many times as you want, likes don’t count. 
  • If you’re cis, do not enter this to win it, this is for anyone trans and not for cosplay purposes. HOWEVER, you can reblog this but please somehow indicate you are just boosting this. 
  • PLEASE only enter to win this binder if you are trans, queer, or identify in some other way that you actually need this to feel comfortable.
  • Following me is NOT mandatory. But if you are and win, I will draw you something!
  • BE COMFORTABLE GIVING ME YOUR ADDRESS! And be 18+ or have parents permission y’know.
  • I am choosing one winner on OCTOBER 31st (SPOOPY)! 

And thats it, happy reblogging and I can’t wait to pick a winner! GOOD LUCK!


Why do I keep seeing posts spreading information about the protests in Hong Kong that end in sooooooo US INTERVENTION


Fuck your whitehouse.gov petition. The worst thing that can happen is the US to come swooping in in a “humanitarian intervention” 

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make me choose
anonymous asked: brendon urie or ryan ross



[sprays sebastian stan with a bottle] bad



can straight white people even fall in love? I’ve never seen that in a movie before

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i dont feel like taking a new selfie at work but yeah working tonight five hours haaaaaaaa

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He fucking raised an objection for this

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I fear sometimes that people sort of see me a certain way from some of these roles, and I can’t wait for the opportunity to be like, “I’m such a dork!” Really, really — I’m such a dork. I just pretend to be cool.

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